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Pomp Investments

Pomp Investments is a hedge fund manager that provides risk adjusted returns and have it’s offices in New York, United States and Hamilton, Bermuda and majorly invest in Blockchain tokens, protocols and companies yielding interest for investors globally.


Pomp Investments formed its first venture fund

Pomp Investments provides a secure profit stream for investors who seek capital growth while utilizing a well calculated exit strategy to maximize returns

Pomp enters the Crypto Ecosystem

Pomp is at the cutting edge of this financial revolution, building products that bridge the gap between fiat money and cryptocurrency. This private credit fund offers unparalleled potential for institutional investors to unlock the full value of their BTC holdings without compromising their ownership, seizing a unique opportunity for optimized returns.



Pomp interest in the crypto space

Pomp boasts a seasoned team of financial experts with a profound understanding of both the cryptocurrency and institutional investment realms, providing niche experience working with institutional borrowers and lending BTC at term.

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We exist at the centre of change, bridging institutional and crypto ecosystems. We work to catalyse a cycle of progress, to ultimately shape a better financial system for generations to come. We are forging the industry ahead, supporting a community of institutions, builders and innovators by ceaselessly powering them with liquidity and scale.



A full-suite crypto asset trading firm. We give investors bespoke access to a new class of opportunities, backed by institutional-grade experience, research and infrastructure. Our experts are on hand around-the-clock to navigate the ever-evolving markets with you.

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