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What are cryptocurrencies and tokens?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency backed by cryptographic security, which can be used as a means of exchange, a store of value, or just as an asset. Examples of cryptocurrencies include, but are not limited to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crypto tokens on the other hand are cryptographic digital representation of a physical or other digital assets. Tokens do not hold the value in themselves, but represent a utility, and they are backed by smart contracts mostly.

Benefits of Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Benefits of Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Lower fees

Trading cryptocurrencies and tokens in a combined portfolio strips away the unnecessary layers of fees that typically plague other investments, such as mutual funds. Because they trade directly on a stock exchange, you do not have to pay added costs such as trailer fees, sales charges, etc.


Cryptocurrencies and tokens are basically a stack of assets and underlying assets. So, investing in them lets you gain exposure to multiple assets and their benefits all at once.


Because majority of the trades we carry out on cryptocurrencies and tokens are done daily, weekly and monthly, the profits are classified as dividends, and are thus distributed to the investors holding these assets.

Flexible investment options

Investors can borrow funds (also known as buying on margin) to go long on an investment. This is convenient for people looking to use leverage to their advantage. Investors can also short assets, profiting when the cryptocurrencies and tokens decline in price.

Build your own portfolio of assets


With an auto-invest account, you can increase your wallet balance and rebalance your portfolio of cryptoassets in the event of a bull run, to maximize your ROI

Types of Cryptocurrencies and Tokens Trades

Types of Cryptocurrencies and Tokens Trades

Margin trading

Margin trading allows investors to multiply the investing power of their investment capital by accessing extra funds to buoy their original capital. This is usually advised for medium to large accounts.

Arbitrage trading

Arbitrage trading or arbitraging involves the use of robots to detect significant variation in the price of a single cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin across different exchanges, and immediately purchase from the lower price and/or sell to the higher price.

Futures trading

Futures trading allows investors to hedge against volatile markets and ensure they can purchase or sell a particular cryptocurrency at a set price in the future.

Spot trading

Spot trading is a continuous process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies and tokens on an exchange, at a spot price for immediate settlement. Profits come from volume.

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