Invest in Cryptoassets

Become an early stage investor today. Get exposure to Blockchain assets and crypto tokens ranging from Bitcoin and Etherum tokens to more liquid asset by simply investing in our fund without compromising your long-term strategy or taking on too much risk.

Risk adjusted investment in crypto assets

The same way some ETFs contain stocks, some trusts contain crypto. Now you can invest without unnecessary risk by balancing your other assets alongside our cryptoasets.

The easy way to invest in cryptoassets


We’ll ask a few questions to understand what kind of investor you are. Then we’ll set you up with the personalized asset classes portfolio that’s right for you.


Next step is to add some crypto to your Wallet in your Backoffice, from where you will make your investments and also receive your payouts.


We’ll do the work. We’ll automatically handle the trades and rebalance your portfolio to stay in line with your risk level.

Explore are our selected cryptoassets offered to investors

These assets are carefully selected to hedge against inflation and guarantee returns

Start investing confidently

Ready to open an account and take charge of your financial future? It's easy. Get set up in minutes.

Investing in our cryptoassets means there’s no need to keep track of multiple accounts, wallets, and keys. As always, we’ll automate your investments, and do the trading and rebalancing for you.

We want to work together with you on your financial goals and ambitions. We believe that everyone has a chance at creating wealth and we are committed to seeing that belief into action